Voice-overs of all Genres from pre-production to Mastering

Animation, Audiobooks, Announcements, Biographies, Corporate, Commercials, Character Voices, Documentaries, Education, E-Learning, Gaming, Health, Internet, IVR, Narration, Podcast.

I Offer You:

  • Only high-quality Vocal work
  • Authenticity
  • Quick understanding of your VO needs
  • High attention to detail
  • Full voice-over production
  • Backing track compositions
  • Script writing
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Any Audio file format
  • Choice of delivery methods
  • Highly Affordable rates
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


South African English, South African “Neutral” English, British English (various), American English (various), Canadian English, Australian English, Modern Mid-Atlantic or “Neutral” English, 1940’s Mid Atlantic English, Afrikaans, Indian, South African Black, South African Cape Coloured, Scottish, Irish, German, Russian, Greek, Italian, various Cartoon and other.

Special talents

Character voices and Accents are my greatest passion, giving me the ability to cover the full range of voice over categories, from radio commercials, announcements and comedy to the most gripping of Audio books or Documentaries.
I can do the calm, the serious, the subdued, anxious, angry or sad character through to portraying the silly, outrageous and humorous ones in a wide variety of accents and have a wide tonal range.

Scripts and Audio Books

I am a writer by nature and am able to write scripts for virtually any genre. I also write and produce my own Audio books in a variety of formats.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering

I have a complete home studio and can produce any required voice audio, including background effects and music, from recording and mixing through to mastering. To keep my voice quality consistent, I generally apply a little compression so that as a producer, you can work with my voice recording and mould it to suit your own needs.
I regularly, however, produce a finished product entirely on my own, making my rates highly affordable.

Backing Tracks and Sound Effects

I can also fit backing tracks to my voice overs. The final product though, then becomes totally unique!

Unions and Affiliation

I do not belong to any unions and work alone, reducing costs…but not quality!

Turnaround time

My turnaround time is generally 24 hours for small projects. I can also turn around on a dime at times. True time can only be determined once I have full details of what a project entails. Should a project be in a hurry, my fee also increases and is negotiable.
Should you require additional information, please don’t hesitate to Email me: ian@iancullen.co.za


Ian Cullen