My Passion

I am extremely passionate about singing and the challenge of using my voice as a tool. As with all my voice endeavours, at a young age, I began impersonating various famous personalities. Elvis Presley was one of them. At school, I used to remove my tie, lift my shirt collar and perform for fellow scholars on stage without any backing music but they enjoyed it very much all the same.

Impersonating Elvis Presley

Ten years ago I decided to try my hand at doing Elvis Presley impersonations with backing tracks which worked pretty well. I sewed my own jumpsuit based on his “Aloha from Hawaii” outfit and performed for many years as an “impersonator”. I performed for many charities, corporate functions, retirement villages and clubs during this period and was always well received! However, I was never comfortable about the idea of impersonating a famous person who was no longer around.

Becoming a Tribute Artist

Four years ago, I changed tack and became a tribute artist which I am very comfortable with. I continue to perform a large number of tributes to Elvis Presley but have since dropped the suit unless a client requests it for a fun event. My ever-increasing passion for changing my voice led me to attempt other artists as well and my repertoire quickly expanded. In 2016, I released two CD’s, containing a total of 48 songs, paying tribute to a wide variety of famous artists from days of old to more modern songs. Below are images of the two albums front covers.

Voice Over Acting

At the beginning of last year, I went into doing voice over work for radio commercials, fillers, audio books, documentaries and more. I have done quite a bit of work for Les Smith, a Beverly Fm presenter in the UK and also did a drop-in for Robbie West who presents “Drive Time” daily on the station between 4 – 6 pm UK time. Should you be interested in taking a look at my voice over site please visit